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Flexible containment solutions

Continuous Liners assure the safe and effective transfer of powders, giving operators the ability to fill multiple bags without breaking containment

Made from FDA- and EU-compliant, the Continuous Liner has been proven to provide containment levels to below 1 µg/m3 eliminating cross contamination of powders and protecting operators, product purity, and the facility.
Continuous Liners can also be used in Bag In/Bag Out processes with rigid isolators and flexible enclosures, ensuring the safe transfer of tablets, vials, tools, and trash.
They interface with FAMAT valve thanks the the on measure canister. Accessories include crimps and crimp removal tool, multi O-Ring Canister, and band clamps.

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  • Easy handling (tri-clamp)
  • High product and personal protection in the OEB 5 (<1 µg/m3) containment level
  • Sample volume sampling volume adaptable as per need
  • Made from FDA- and EU-compliant
  • Static dissipative material – Ex zones compliant