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FAMAT S.A, the worldwide leader in sampling valves for powder and liquid with slurry, is proud to announce the launch of its new sampling valve: the 125S-2 Security.

The second generation of the FAMAT security sampling valve is based on a 2″ (50mm) diameter valve equipped with our patented EPT concept (Expanding Piston Technology).

The 125S-2 Security is the only valve on the market offering a complete protection against mishandling of the operator during sampling operation.

The sampling bottle must be connected to the valve outlet to allow the valve opening, and can be removed just once the valve is closed.

A stand-alone technology, this interlock device is a marvel of Swiss mechanism.

Already sold in Germany, India and The Netherlands within 2 weeks after it’s been launched, we have great faith in the future success of this new product, thanks to its unique features… No doubt that the “125S-2” is on its way to a bright future.


The indicator (A in the first picture of our gallery) shows the position of the piston.

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